MINKZ Photography


Hi there. My name is Marieke Meeuwsen, 38 years old, mom of two little boys. I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This city is recently aknowledged by The New York Times as one of the ten world cities for a must visit. And I agree, hardly ever seen a more photogenic city in my life. At the moment I'm working in Marketing and Communications specifically in the event industry. Photography has always been something I enjoy doing next to my job. Observing people in different styles and lights, capturing those unexpected moments. Preferably unnoticed by the persons in my lens, catching spontaneous smiles. I love going to the beach or any other relaxed spot, have my models enjoy their time together while I'm shooting my way through it.

That's also how I would like to describe my style of photography: accessible and easy going. Please have a look at the MINKZ Facebook and Instagram account for my portfolio.